Keeping Moms Blooming This Summer

94d396f29714d595f6de7cbc90842244I recently was at my local Fred Meyer and noticed the notorious “Back to School” signs and items—I was so surprised and disappointed to see this! Why does Summer go by so fast?!?

Even though July 4th has come and gone I am not ready to realize summer is halfway over. I am not ready to shop for school clothes or look for the supply list for each of my child’s school.

As I walked through the aisles I noticed all the fun summer toys I have yet to enjoy with my kids. Making me realize I have to make the time to have fun with my family. Sometimes, we get into routines and forget to make this a priority.

Talking about priority—when was the last time you did something for yourself? Moms neglect ourselves too easily. Kids and everything else seem to always come first. I myself have been guilty of this. I have a massage package and have yet to use one! What am I waiting for?

Let’s help each other remember this message in the hopes that we keep “blooming” this Summer! Don’t worry, we still have time. Please write down in the comments below how you will reward yourself in the next few weeks. Make this a contract to yourself. Then when we think back about this Summer we will remember that we made ourselves a priority and we are proud to be so FIERCE!

Peace and Grace,
Leticia—Beaverton MOPS, Co-Publicity

PS. Don’t forget to turn in your registration form.

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