Registration Materials

REGISTRATION for 2018-19 Beaverton MOPS & MOMSnext is currently WAITLISTED. Please email us at if you are interested in being put on the list.
If you would like a tour or have any questions please contact us at Thank you! 

Not sure if you should apply for MOPS or MOMSnext? Read below.

Who can be in MOPS?
MOPS is open to ANY mother of children, newborn through kindergarten. If you ALSO have school-age children this applies to you as well.

Who can be in MOMSnext?
MOMSnext is open to every mother of school-age children. The speaker schedule has alternative speakers in certain meetings, these are geared for older kids.


Please help us save trees, and visit our ONLINE registration form at:

Beaverton MOPS/MOMSnext ONLINE Registration 2018-19

If you prefer to see/download/print and send your registration via mail please refer to the packets/individual-forms below:


(Please be patient as we’re still updating the links! — Feel free to view the online registration above.)

2018-19 MOPS Complete Registration Form PACKET – Includes: Welcome Letter, Registration Form, MOPS Kids Registration, Committee Form, Non-MOPS Kids/School Out Registration, and MOPS Meeting Dates/Speakers.

2018-19 MOMSnext Complete Registration Form PACKET – Includes:Welcome Letter, Registration Form, Committee Form, Non-MOPS Kids/School Out Registration, and MOPS Meeting Dates/Speakers.

2018-19 Scholarship Application – We offer scholarships if needed, please fill out the form and attach it with the other forms. -Or- if you are completing your MOPS/MOMSnext Applications online, please email Katie: to request an online Scholarship ApplicationPlease note: Due date for scholarship request is Aug 21, 2018 now Sept 7, 2018, but your MOPS application however will not be processed until your payment is received.

(Some of these are also above in the appropriate packet)

MOPS Registration Letter 2018-19

2018-19 MOPS Registration Form

2018-19 MOMSnext Main Registration Form

2018-19 Non-MOPS KIDS/School Out Registration Form

2018-19 MOPS KIDS Registration Form

2018-19 Committee Registration Form

MOPS Speaker Schedule 2018-19

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