Registration Materials

REGISTRATION for 2019-20 Beaverton MOPS & MOMSnext is now OPEN.
If you would like a tour or have any questions please contact us at Thank you! 

Not sure if you should apply for MOPS or MOMSnext? Read below.

Who can be in MOPS?
Beaverton MOPS is open to ANY mother of children, newborn through kindergarten. If you ALSO have school-age children this applies to you as well.

Who can be in MOMSnext?
Beaverton MOMSnext is open to every mother of school-age children. The speaker schedule has alternative speakers in certain meetings, these are geared for older kids.


Please first read MOPS MOMSnext Registration Letter 19-20 from our Co-coordinators, have your personal calendar handy(for referencing possible mtg date conflicts; ie. school-age children’s school in-service dates, dates you may be out of town, etc),  and help us save trees by visiting our ONLINE registration form at:

Click here if imbedded version about is not working.  Beaverton MOPS & MOMSnext Registration 2019-2020.

  • Please click here for our Financial Assistance Application. Feel free to email our Finance Lead, Andrea at: with any questions you may have regarding this.  Please note: Due date for a financial assistance request is September 1, 2019, but your MOPS/MOMSnext application however will not be processed until your payment is received.


MOPS & MOMSnext 2019-2020 Meeting Dates & Topics

MOPS MOMSnext Registration Letter 2019-2020


2 thoughts on “Registration Materials

  1. Hello I’m Sarah I just moved to Oregon from Southern California. I don’t know anyone here. We moved for my husbands work. I was just Googling mops groups near me and found you guys!! (: Happy I did! I’m super confused about the enrollment . I think I submitted it but I’m not sure ..

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